Unscripted and Empowered


Mentorship is fundamentally different than Coaching.  One can be a ‘coach-like’ mentor, however, mentoring implies that the mentor has knowledge and experience in the skills and competency of a profession.  Great News-I can be both a Coach and a Mentor so you get the best of both worlds.

Mentorship involves targeting a skill or set of skills.  The primary goal is to increase understanding and performance of those skills.  The secondary goal is to understand how increasing those skills relates to your performance in other areas of your professional and personal life.  The bigger picture so to speak.

Examples of things that can be ‘Mentored’ in the Veterinary Field are:

  • Technical Skills – fear free animal handling, venipuncture, suturing a wound, performing a surgical procedure, extraction of a tooth, etc.
  • Communication Skills – active listening, direct communication, interpersonal skills, working within a team, understanding what drives client compliance etc
  • Time Management
  • Medical Record Writing
  • The Diagnostic Process and Creating thoughtful and appropriate Treatment Plans
  • Inherently-during the mentorship process, things will come up.  Your ability to accomplish or perfect a task will be impacted by your personality, strengths, and values.  Which is where Coaching will likely become the focus.  

For more information on how I can work with you as a Mentor please contact me directly. 

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