My Why

‘WHY’ I AM The Veterinary Coach

My Philosophy

I believe that we are all on a unique journey.  Unique because of our individual genetics, strengths, experiences and beliefs.  These all form the lens through which we see our life, and experience our successes, trials and tribulations.  Sometimes that lens stays clear and we can easily see our path to our successes through those obstacles. But sometimes, we need to honor our past, and our journey, and change lenses in order to find the path to a more sustainable, fulfilling, happy life.  Sounds simple, but it's far from easy.


Throw in the fact that our paths are intertwined with hundreds of others over our life, with different genetics, strengths, experiences and beliefs-different lenses so to speak…and life can get very interesting!

I believe that we are in charge of our own journey, and that sometimes we forget we have choices, and that our choices form our path.

I believe in focusing on our strengths and leveraging them to make choices towards a positive outcome.

I believe that we can be ‘Whole Human Beings’ and that we can all choose to be our best selves whenever, and with whomever we want or need to be.

I believe that we can be the strong, resilient leaders we want to be, maintain the high moral and ethical standards bred into ourselves and our professions, and not be negatively impacted personally to the point where we burnout, or worse…give up.


create a path to your unique version of fulfillment, happiness, and successTo Empower all people, especially veterinarians, to be strong and resilient so that they can make intentional choices that serve them well, and help to create a path to their unique version of fulfillment, happiness, and success.

To Empower new and young graduates to enter and navigate professional life, make Informed, Intentional choices to create good habits that will support their well-being throughout their career, and their life.

To Empower all people, especially veterinarians, to understand that they are leaders by definition, and to step into that role with self-awareness and intention…to create only positive influence.

To Mentor new and young graduates in the Art of providing high quality, relationship based veterinary medicine.

To Support all people, especially veterinarians, that are motivated to accomplish their goals and dreams – whether they relate to balance, fulfillment or performance.

To Help to heal the wounds that so many veterinarians and colleagues have suffered throughout their careers, and to help prevent younger colleagues from suffering those same wounds.

To Help bring healing to the ‘Profession of Veterinary Medicine’ as we struggle through an epidemic of burnout, compassion fatigue, mental health issues, ethics exhaustion and stress related disorders.

To Help bring healing to the ‘Profession of Veterinary Medicine’ by educating the public on issues facing veterinarians in todays world.